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Error reading partition table 读硬盘分区表错误
Error writing partition table 写硬盘分区表错误
Parameters not compatible 参数不匹配
XX allocation units available on disk 磁盘上有XX可用簇
XX bytes in each allocation unit 每个簇有大小为XX字节
Same parameter entered twice 相同的参数被输入两次
Must enter both /T and /N parameters /T和/N参数必须同时使用
There is not enough room to create a restore file 没有足够的空间来建立恢复文件
You will not be able to use the UNformAT utility 你将不能使用UNformAT工具来恢复你的硬盘数据
There is not enough disk space for system files 没有足够的空间来存储系统文件
This disk cannot be unformatted 这个磁盘不能被反格式化
There was an error creating the format recovery file 在建立恢复文件时产生了一个错误
Volume label is not supported with /8 parameter 该驱动器不支持/8参数
Insufficient memory to load system files 没有足够的内存装入系统文件
Insufficient memory. 内存不足
Calculating free space (this may take several minutes)... 正在统计磁盘空间(可能要花上几分钟时间)
Delete Primary DOS Partition 删除主DOS分区
Delete Extended DOS Partition 删除扩展DOS分区
Delete Logical DOS Drive(s) in the Extended DOS Partition 删除逻辑DOS分区
WARNING! Data in the deleted Primary DOS Partition will be lost 警告:主DOS分区的数据将全部丢失
WARNING! Data in the deleted Extended DOS Partition will be lost. Do you wish to continue (Y/N)? 警告:扩展分区中数据将全丢失,你真的继续吗
Delete Logical DOS Drive(s) in the Extended DOS Partition 删除扩展分区下的逻辑分区
WARNING! Data in a deleted Logical DOS Drive will be lost What drive do you want to delete? Are you sure (Y/N)? 警告:逻辑分区中的所有数据都将丢失,你删除哪个驱动器?你真的确定吗
Display Partition Information 显示分区内容信息
The Extended DOS Partition contains Logical DOS Drives. 扩展DOS分区中包含DOS逻辑分区
Do you want to display the logical drive information (Y/N)? 你想显示逻辑分区的信息吗
Display Logical DOS Drive Information 显示逻辑分区信息
Enter partition size in Mbytes or percent of disk space (%) to create a Primary DOS Partition... 输入所建立主DOS分区的容量,单位是百分比
Enter logical drive size in Mbytes or percent of disk space (%)... 请输入逻辑分区容量大小或磁盘空间的百分比
Enter Volume Label? 请输入卷标
Enter partition size in Mbytes or percent of disk space (%)to create an Extended DOS Partition.... 请输入扩展DOS分区的容量大小或磁盘空间的百分比
Do you wish to use the maximum available size for a Primary DOS Partition 你想使用全部磁盘空间作为主DOS分区吗
Change Current Fixed Disk Drive . Enter Fixed Disk Drive Number (X) 当你挂接两个以上硬盘时,在FDISK的系统菜单中将多一个第5项,选择第5项时,将提示:请输入硬盘的序号
Fixed Disk Drive Status 硬盘状态
Data in the deleted Primary DOS Partition will be lost.What primary partition do you want to delete?Do you wish to continue (Y/N)? DOS主分区中的数据将全部丢失。你准备删除哪个主分区?你想继续吗
Data in the deleted Non-DOS Partition will be lost.What Non-DOS partition do you want to delete?Do you wish to continue (Y/N)? 非DOS分区的数据将全部丢失。你准备删除哪一个非DOS分区?你要继续吗
You MUST restart your system for your changes to take effect 你必须重新启动你的计算机你所做的所有改变才有效
Any drives you have created or changed must be formatted 你新建的分区或改变的分区必须被格式化后才可用
Shut down Windows before restarting 在重启之前请关闭Windows
Your computer has a disk larger than 512 MB. This version of Windows includes improved support for large disks, resulting in more efficient use of disk space on large drives, and allowing disks over 2 GB to be formatted as a single drive 你的计算机挂接了一个大于512M的硬盘。该版本的Windows支持大硬盘,能够更有效的使用大硬盘上的磁盘空间,并充许单个分区大于2GB
Press Esc to exit FDISK 按Esc退出FDISK
This drive is FAT16 by default, switch to FAT32 (Y/N)? 这个驱动器默认是FAT16模式,真的转换为FAT32模式吗
This drive must be FAT32 because its size is > 2048 MB 当分区的空间大于2048MB时,这个分区必须使用FAT32磁盘数据格式
This drive must be FAT16 because its size is too small to be FAT32 因为这个分区对于FAT32格式来说太小,所以这个分区只能使用FAT16格式
Verifying drive integrity, complete 正在校验分区的完整性,完成
Your computer has NTFS partitions which may require large drive support. If you are using another operating system, such as Windows NT, which supports large drives you should enable treating these partitions as large 你的计算机有一个NTFS分区可能需要大分区支持,如果你正在使用其他操作系统,如 Windows NT,你应该把这些分区分大一些
NOTE: If you answer Y and the partition display looks incorrect or a hang or crash occurs do nothing, run FDISK again, and answer N to this question 注意:如果你回答Y,可能显示的分区信息看上去不正确或系统挂起或什么动作也没有,这时你可再次运行FDISK,对这个问题用N回答
Should NTFS partitions on all drives be treated as large (Y/N)? 对所有的NTFS分区使用大分区模式
Drive deleted 驱动器被删除
Partition made active 分区X被设置为活动
Primary DOS Partition created 主DOS分区被建立
Extended DOS Partition created 扩展DOS分区被建立
Logical DOS Drive created, drive letters changed or added 逻辑分区被建立,驱动器的盘符可能被改变或有新的增加
No partitions defined 没有分区被定义
No logical drives defined 没有逻辑驱动器被说明
Drive letters have been changed or deleted 驱动器盘符已经被改变或删除
No active partitions 没有设置活动分区,该硬盘不能被启动
No fixed disks present 没有硬盘
Error reading fixed disk 读硬盘错误
Error writing fixed disk 写硬盘错误

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